Sex work In Australia

Private Work

Cooperating with me you remain an independent escort girl. It is not prohibited !

To work in Australia independently with an independent manager without breaking the law.

In Western Australia sex work is largely governed by the Prostitution Act 2000. A smaller number of offences are also contained in the Criminal Code, the Health Act 1911 and the Liquor Control Act 1988.
The criminal laws in Western Australia formally prohibit most prostitution related activities, for example soliciting sex in public.. However, like the laws in many common law jurisdictions, the act of prostitution in itself is not an offence. 

There appear to be no prohibitions regarding the conduct of an escort business or the work of escorts. It was held in Powell v Devereaux Supreme Court of Western Australia, 12 June 1987, Appeal No 1053 of 1987 that the brothel keeping offence under s 76F of the Police Act (now s 190 of the Criminal Code) does not extend to the running of an escort agency where the workers and clients met elsewhere. However, as noted by the Law Reform Commission of Western Australia, a prosecution for the offence of live on the earnings may extend to those involved in the running of an escort agency. For private workers working from home, it is a bit of a legal grey area. Some legal rulings have given the feeling that if one worker is working from home, and it is primarily their home, then this is permissible.


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