How to apply for an Australian visa?
It’s pretty simple, an Australian visa opens online here
Hey! What about spiders?
This question is often heard. It’s funny, really. After all, the big cities of Australia are not very different from the cities of other countries. Spiders are found somewhere far away from civilization. In the village or desert. You should not be afraid to find them in your apartment on the 25th floor of a high-rise building. Spiders there is no place to take.
What about legality of work?
In Australia, in the same way as in the USA, each state has its own legislature and its work permits for girls in the sex industry. There are states that require a license to work. There are states where it is legally allowed to work individually without a license. We belong to an independent escort, so we work in those states where the law allows it. For example the state of ACT. More is available on the website of the Australian Sex Work Association.
What cities do you work in?
I make an individual city tour for each girl individually. These are mainly cities such as Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane
What is the duration of the tour?
Basically the duration of the tour is one month. But each person has his own needs, so we can be flexible. The minimum period for which I recommend to go is 3 weeks. Less will not be profitable. The maximum will depend on your desire and ability to stay in the country.
How many people will live with me in the room?
You will live alone, in your separate apartment. If you want to go with a friend, then maybe living together with your girlfriend.
Do I need to make a photoset?
Yes, the photoset will be needed. You will have to do it yourself and in advance before the trip. Photos must be of good quality, at least 1200x800px in size. I can provide examples of photos in our personal correspondence, ask me about it.